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The Dream Catcher Machine
by X-Sensor Technologies

The Dream Catcher Machine helps us show you your own unique pressure image and what that means as far as mattress choice. No more guessing and no more looking for the cheapest solution. Our Dream Catcher Machine helps you make the right decision faster. Learn more about how the Dream Catcher Machine can help you choose the perfect Mattress for you by clicking below.

Pressure Image
• Mattress Recommendation
• Pillows & Adjustable Bases

"Let 1662 sensors determine the right mattress for you!"
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher
Pressure Image
The Dream Catcher mattress recommendation system allows us to educate you using a dynamic, high-resolution image of your body pressure measured on a mattress.

+ Benefit: 
Your pressure image lets us identify the correct group of mattresses designed specifically for your body type.
Dream Catcher
Mattress Recommendation
Once we have your pressure map, which is available on a computer screen or hand-held tablet, we can review with you and provide a personalized recommendations.

+ Benefit: 
These recommendations are aligned specifically to your body type.
Dream Catcher
Pillows & Adjustable Bases
The Dream Catcher software solution now supports pressure image mapping for adjustable base demonstration and pillow selection providing a complete sleep recommendation system.

+ Benefit: 
Adding an adjustable base and the right pillow creates a complete sleep solution. Both can be mapped and shown to you using the Dream Catcher software.