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Fall Favorite Pillows

Piles of plush pillows are the perfect way to cozy up your home for the Fall season.

Burnt Orange Gramercy Pillow
The Gramercy Pillow by Surya, with its grey body and olive, overlapping geometric pattern, is great for any contemporary space. With a pop of color and pattern, this pillow will surely add flair to any space.
$ 87.00 $ 63.99
Charcoal Cotton Velvet Pillow
The Cotton Velvet Pillow by Surya is covered in a smooth, cotton-made fabric that feels like velvet, making it the perfect pillow to snuggle up with. Plus, the deep charcoal color gives this pillow a sophisticated and classic style.
$ 42.00 $ 32.99
Cotton Velvet Pillow
The Cotton Velvet pillow by Surya is so smooth that it makes you want to snuggle up with it and relax. Great for any contemporary space.
$ 42.00 $ 32.99
Danlia Teal Pillow
The Danlia Teal Pillow by Surya looks just like brain coral. With a teal grooved pattern and lime accents, it will fit right in with any contemporary or coastal decor.
$ 72.00 $ 52.99
Gramercy Pillow
The Gramercy Pillow, by Surya, with its grey body and olive, overlapping, geometric patterm, is great for any contemporary space. It is monochromatic, so it is capable of fitting in amongst most decor.
$ 87.00 $ 63.99
Navy Linen Pillow
The Navy Linen Pillow by Surya, with welted edges, will help your ideal interior design vision come to life!
$ 60.00 $ 44.99
Nitro Pillow
The Nitro Pillow by Surya is covered in a taupe shag. Place this in you desired space and your guests will know how much style you have.
$ 60.00 $ 44.99
Slate Dragonscale Pillow
Drakaris! Even Khaleesi, the mother of dragons, would approve of this pillow by Surya, covered in a slate grey scaled pattern.
$ 87.00 $ 63.99
Trail Pillow
The Trail Pillow by Surya has a hair on hide design, bringing the country into your home. Mooooove over and add this pillow to stand out and add a pop of style to your space.
$ 149.00 $ 109.99

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