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Dining Room



Decorate Your Dining Room and Savor the Savings

Although daily life can get hectic in this digital age of ours, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as following your favorite recipes or sharing a meal with your family. By slowing down and savoring the moment, you can create memories you’ll cherish for decades to come. But as any seasoned cook call tell you, where you eat and dine is as crucial as the ingredients you bring to your table.

Just a hop away from Atlantic City, NJ, Kensington Furniture brings you full dining room sets, for any budget, so you and your family can gather together, swapping stories and savory dishes, all in the comfort of your own home.

A Dining Room Uniquely Suited to You and Your Home

When you gaze into your dining room you should feel that what you see reflects you, your family and your home. Aesthetics, like cuisine, is as much about complements as it is about consistent themes. Whether you dabble in the classical or the contemporary, we carry tables, chairs, stools and cabinets, ideally suited to you and your tastes. Tickle your eye for high-design with a casual and cool gray metal picnic table and its accompanying pieces, blending the urban and the rustic.

Assemble a Dining Room Set and Impress Your Guests

You’ll be amazed by the atmosphere you can maintain with a dining room that speaks directly to you and your guests. Mix the subtle and the sophisticated, pairing a faux marble table top and a dining room bench, bathed in dark browns. Parties of up to 8 can easily be entertained, enriched by decor of the Old World. If you prefer the intimacy of smaller gatherings, a rounder counter will likely call to you—capturing all your style and elegance.

A Plethora of Dining Sets and Styles, Just a Delivery Away

With all of this sumptuous selection, at prices you won’t find anywhere else in Northfield, NJ, it behooves you to take advantage of our sales on dining room furniture, as well as our convenient delivery service—extending to the greater Atlantic City area. Be entertainer and decorator with a single click and enjoy your new dining room set, surrounded by friends and family.