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Stylophobia: What is my style?

Getting a new look for your home sometimes seems like more work than it's worth. With endless pictures of perfectly styled homes, just picking a style - let alone a specific sofa or table - can be daunting. Hollywood Regency, Shabby Chic, Rustic Farmhouse, Mid-Century Modern, Industrial Chic, Coastal: what do these words even mean?! At this point, what we like to call stylophobia often sets in - the fear of going through endless style magazines, furniture stores, and talking to countless interior designers, and still not being able to make the right decision. So instead of getting the home of your dreams, you keep your stained and smelly sofa from college and say that's good enough.

But don't fret! And definitely don't settle for good enough. We are going to go through some of the top interior design styles, talk about what they are, determine if it fits with your personality and home, and learn how to get the look. We've gathered some of our favorite collections and pieces and made it easy for you to shop the look! 

Once you find the style that works for you, please click the chat bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen and let me know if you have any questions or if you'd like some one-on-one consulting for your home. We can help you find the right pieces and put together a look from our collection that fits your style. 

#1 Hollywood Regency

You'll love it if:

You love classic movies and you think Audrey Hepburn is your spirit animal. You dream of your name in lights. Your friends describe you as dramatic. You think crystal chandeliers and plush velvet upholstery should be in every single room.


  • Gold and silver accents are a must. Don't be afraid to mix metals anymore!
  • Add drama. While the furniture may be more clean and the classic the accessories should be flashy and bold.
  • Your room should be as well dressed as you! Think velvet, silk, satin, and fur.
  • Add pops of bold color or pattern against a clean neutral palette.


Get the look

#2 Coastal

You'll love it if: 

Your favorite place to be is on the beach and you dream of being a mermaid. You think sea shells should be printed on everything. 


  • Bring the beach into your home. Look for prints with coral, sea shells, and starfish. Just remember a little goes a long way. Think clean, casual furniture with pops of fun beachy prints.
  • Keep it natural. Look for rugs and accents with jute, woven sea grass, rope and other organic materials.
  • Keep it light and bright. Use pale neutral shades to create the sunny, breezy feel of a summer vacation.

Get the look:


#3 Rustic Industrial

You'll love it if: 

You wish you grew up in "the good ol' days." You know what upcycling is and other people's trash is very often your treasure. You love the smell of mahogany wood and leather bound books. You think wood and metal are a true power couple.


  • The go to material for industrial styling is metal, and there's nothing more rustic than weathered wood. Mix the two and you have pure magic! Look for tables with live edge table tops and steel or iron legs.
  • Mix new pieces with reclaimed treasures. Search thrift shops, antique stores, and garage sales to mix unique pieces with your new leather club chair and live edge coffee table.
  • Keep a warm, neutral color scheme.

Get the look:

#4 Mid-Century Modern

You'll love it if:

You love watching "Mad Men" for style inspiration. You find geometry to be an art form. You like things clear and to the point, and think everything should be functional.


  • Look for ways to bridge the indoors with the outdoors. Try prints with natural motifs, natural wood finishes and hanging planters.
  • Modern style uses geometric shapes everywhere. Look for artwork and furniture with a mix of strong lines and angles and soft curves.
  • Stick with earthy color palettes with a pop of vivid color like teal, red, orange, or even lime green.

Get the look:


We recognize that there are a lot of concerns when trying to change up the style of your home. Furniture is a big expense and a long-term commitment, so we are introducing our No Risk Guarantee! Let us help ease your fears and create your dream home right where you are!

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