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5 Ways to Get Comfy on a Lazy Day

Posted by Alicia Pileggi on

To have the perfect lazy day, you should only have one goal: to get comfy! With the winter chill setting in, I've found the perfect excuse to just stay in! I've got my stretchy comfy pants on today, my favorite mug filled with pumpkin spice coffee, and tonight I plan to order a pizza (because cooking just isn't allowed on a lazy day) and lounge on my chaise with my favorite blanket watching Netflix with Winchester, my beagle. 

Want to have a little Lazy Day fun of your own? I've gathered 5 of my favorite ways to get comfy and just be lazy!

1.) Grab a Snuggle Buddy

I can't think of a better way to get comfy and cozy than to snuggle up to my beagle. Whether you've got a cuddly kitten or a huggable pup, our furry friends love when we take out some time to hang out with them, and their warm snuggles are perfect for this lazy day. If you don't have a pet, then I guess your significant other will have to do! Don't forget a cozy blanket if you really want to get comfy!

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2.) Plop in a Pile of Pillows

I happen to be a pillow fanatic. I have them in every shape, color, and print, and I have a little comfy pillow pile in the corner of in my bedroom under the window where I like to just plop down after a long day and take a nap or read a new book. To me nothing says a lazy day more than just surrounding myself with a mound of pretty plush pillows!

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3.) Read a Sad Novel

Ok, ok, I know being sad doesn't sound like a lot of fun, but all the best books are tearjerkers! AND a good cry can be extremely relaxing. Crying relieves stress chemicals leaving us feeling more calm. So bust out that sad novel, have a good cry, and then have the best sleep you've had in a while! Need a good novel? Anything from Nicholas Sparks or Jodi Picoult is sure to bring on the water works!

4.) Surround Yourself with Your Favorite Scents

Photos from Illume Candles

Our favorite scents can immediately relax us and make us feel good. Why not combine a little aromatherapy from your favorite candles and a good facial mask (homemade avocado mask anyone?!) to give yourself a lazy spa day at home?! Throw on your favorite movie or music and make this lazy day all about you! 

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5.) Find the Coziest Seat in the House

Whether it's your favorite pouf, recliner, plush couch, or chair, the comfiest seat in the house is yours today! Even if you have to pull a "Goldie Locks" and try out every chair, go find your lazy day sweet spot! Grab that cuddle buddy, your blanket, some pillows, your novel, light your favorite candles, and go lounge like the queen of lazy day that you are.

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How are you spending your lazy day? Share your lazy day selfies on Instagram or Twitter by using the tag  #LazyDayWithK ! 

Happy National Lazy Day,

Now go be lazy!


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