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End of Summer Styles

Spend your days shopping inside while the heat is still pretty unbearable. Tuck away all of that red, white, and blue decor back into the attic and begin thinking about how to create a more classic decor style. The period between mid-July and October typically leaves us in a strange limbothe peak of summer is over, but it's not anywhere near fall, yet. So how do you decorate in the meantime?

Here are some great decor ideas for your end of summer style:

Use Natural Wood

Freimore Dining Set by Ashley Furniture at Kensington Furniture

The best part about the Freimore Dining Set is that it works perfectly in the summer season because of its similar style to outdoor picnic tables. But it also looks amazing by the time fall comes along because of its rustic elements. Liven it up with a colorful runner in the summer, but simply swap the runner for faded decorative accents once you get to that end-of-summer slump.


Change Up Artwork

Barid Wall Art by Ashley Furniture at Kensington Furniture

It's time to take down the tacky patriotic decor once the 4th of July passes, but now your walls have been completely bare since! Throw up some neutral artwork that will always look great no matter what season it is. Different shades of greys and bronzes look dramatic during the fall and winter when paired with darker rugs and pillows, but look chic when accented with white rugs for the spring and summer. This Barid Wall Art is the perfect example of this type of wall decor that can easily transition with the change of season.


Swap Bedding

Kasidon Queen Bed by Ashley Furniture at Kensington Furniture

You probably have a beautifully bright comforter on top of your bed at the moment! But now that summers going to start quickly winding down, you should think about swapping it for a darker shade. If you want to still keep some luster and shine until at least until August is over, try using accent pillow covers that will allow you to temporary change up your style on a budget. It's a much more cost-effective way to be indecisive!


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