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DIY Hollywood Glam Poster

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Want to see your name up in lights? Make yourself a personalized glam poster reminiscent of Classic Hollywood movie posters! This DIY project is super glamorous and fun to make. It takes only an hour or two to put it together, and it cost us less than $40 to make this one! This would be a great sign to make for a Hollywood Glam wedding, a fun Oscar party with your friends, or just for a unique piece of wall art in a bedroom or home movie theater!

We made our poster into a sign for our Illume Candle display in the front of our store, so we wrote "Shine bright" and added information about the candles. The options are really limitless though. For a wedding sign, go ahead and make your bride and groom the stars of the day. Try writing the glamorous couple's names at the top followed by "Starring In OUR BIG DAY," and add their personalized hashtag at the bottom.

What we used:

  • Metallic Markers (Gold, Bronze and Silver)
  • Glitter Alphabet Adhesives
  • Glitter Gemstone Hashtag Adhesive
  • Black Poster Board
  • Large Frame w/ Lights

You can find the markers, glitter alphabet stickers, and gemstone hashtag at any craft store for $8 - $15. A large black poster board can be purchased for $5 - $7. Depending on the frame you want to use, the cost really varies. We were able to find the perfect Hollywood frame with fun light bulbs all around on clearance for $25! It was a steal we couldn't pass up! The frame can really be any size and style you want just make sure to cut your poster board to the correct size so you know how much space you are working with when you begin putting on your text.

To start we began planning the layout of the text we wanted to put on our poster board. We took our glitter and rhinestone stickers and created our hashtag at the bottom of the sign. You can use a ruler to make sure you put your stickers on straight.

Then we used our gold and silver metallic markers to begin writing our text. Again we used a ruler to keep our text as straight as possible. Play around with types of text and letters you want to use. You can always go back and make the letters thicker and make touch ups. This part is where you get creative. Write anything you want and write it anyway you like! 

For a little extra punch we took our bronze, gold, and silver markers and made little dots all around the edges of the poster to create a glitter effect. 

That's it! Now go create a little glitz & glam for your home or party and let us know how you customized it! We'd love to see your creations!


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