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Kids' Desks: Benefits and Features

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Today is the first day back to school for most kids which means lots of #firstday posts and photos on Facebook, new outfits, new friends, and new opportunities. Unfortunately it also means late night studying, homework, and projects, and all this paperwork tends to land on your kitchen table. Not only is it frustrating to lose your kitchen table to bookbags, laptops and text books, but it's also a place where these important things tend to get lost or ruined with food and drink spills. This school year why not help your kids start it off right with a desk of their own where they can learn to keep things organized AND you can get your kitchen and dining room table back! If that's not enough to convince you we've gathered some of the best benefits a kids desk can provide to you and your kids as well as some of our favorite features to look for when shopping for one!

Get Organized

One of the best parts of having a desk for your child is that they can keep their work organized. This is a place they can keep a calendar with all their due dates; a place to store their back pack when they are at home; and a central location to do their homework, study, and use their laptop. I know too many kids who have broken their laptop by tossing it next to the bed and stepping on it in the morning. With a desk, your kids have no excuse to leave their laptop, textbooks, or homework lying around the house. Many desks also feature shelving and hutches for added storage as well to keep their room clean and to make sure they have plenty of space for everything they may need.

Get Focused

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One of the hardest things to get your children to do is focus, especially when it's on homework and they'd rather be watching TV. It's even harder if they are doing their homework in the living room or the dining room surrounded by everybody else in the home. The temptation to watch the TV when they are sitting on the couch is sometimes a little too strong, and their little siblings pulling at them to play doesn't make it any easier. With a desk in their bedroom they have a place to get away from the noise if they need to, and where they can sit up and focus. If they are doing homework on their bed not only is this bad on their backs and posture, but too many times they end up laying down and getting sleepy and losing their focus again.

Make Learning Fun

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Doing homework and studying doesn't have to be a bore, especially with a desk like this! Look for added bonuses like memory boards or cork boards where your kids can put their favorite pictures of their friends, any awards, and good grades on display. Hidden drawers are also great - not only functional but fun!

Favorite Features

Want to see more desks and create the perfect back to school space for your kids? Come in and ask about our Smartstuff furniture and our design consultants can help you find the perfect customized desk for them!

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