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4 Vivid Summer Colors to Make your Decor Pop

This recent heat wave may have you running indoors to cool off, but that doesn't mean your decor shouldn't be hot! Bright colors can really lift the mood and energize your room. Whether you paint an accent wall or add an area rug, brighten up your home with these vivid shades inspired by the HOT days of summer.

1.) Lime Twist

1.) Pineapple Cilantro Illume Candles

2.) Marcalie Pillow

3.) Lime Tilda Throw Blanket

4.) Moss Tara Vases

5.) Downtown Side Chair

Bright shades of lime green as well as slightly earthy variations are on trend right now with the Mid-Century craze. This color is both bright and soothing, and you just can't help but feel happy when surrounded by this fun hue. Above we've chosen some of our favorite decor pieces in shades of lime and our top pick paint color to add an accent wall to your living room or brighten up your entire kitchen!

2.) Red Hot Hues

1.) Cassbab Throw

2.) Cankton Coral Pillow

3.) Stockwell Coral Pillow

4.) Chevron Pouf

5.) Caelan Candle Holders

While lime green can create a happy, soothing atmosphere, pops of red really add that wow factor! Whether you go coastal or Mid-Century Mod this shade is truly versatile. This Milano Red shade of paint is slightly softened for a more calming coastal vibe, but it still really pops!

3.) Tropical Blue

1.) Caelan Teal Candles Holders

2.) Lia Rug

3.) Lagoon Lamp

4.) Overdyed Pouf

5.) Dalal Vase Set

Blue is one of the most popular pops of colors you'll see used in home decor.  These tropical aqua and turquoise shades are easy to mix into any decor. They are not only vivid and fun, but serene. This color can instantly create the vibe of a tropical resort getaway! So skip the sun burn and sip your Mai Tai in the comfort of your air-conditioned dream home.

5.) Citrus Mixer

1.) Stellina Lamp

2.) Caelan Yellow Candle Holders

3.) Athena Rug

4.) Gramercy Burnt Orange Pillow

5.) Saunder Pillow

A mix of orange and yellow shades will infuse a room with sunshine. The best part about this look is none of the shades need to match perfectly -- the mix of hues creates depth and excitement. We chose this orange paint hue because while orange is often used for more fun and kitschy decor, this shade is rather sophisticated and has a European high-class style to it. 

Don't let this heat get you down -- let it inspire your decor with these vivid summer colors! I mean if your going to stay indoors, you might as well make it pretty right?!

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