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How to Decorate for Summer

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How to Get Your Home Ready for Summer
While it's well below summer temperatures, we've been dreaming about warmer weather lately. Instead of sitting inside and continuing to be bitter about Mother Nature's instability, create your own coastal paradise inside your own home while you wait for the first beach day.
Here are some ideas on how to get your home ready for summer in just a few simple steps.

1. Mix Up Accent Pillows

Ashley Furniture Lonan Coral Pillow
Swap out your deep maroons and oranges that you had throughout all winter for brighter pinks and yellows. Adding in a touch of classic coastal elements, like coral or seashell designs, will bring in that beachy vibe.


2. Lay Down Color

Surya Aberdine Rug
While you may have had a warm, fluffy rug out in your living room before, it's time to switch it up and lay down some color. Bold rugs that take their styling cues from the ruggedly chic aesthetic of a casual seaside lifestyle are perfect for creating a summer vibe in any room. Lay these types of rugs down in your living room, dining area, or even a sun room!


3. Add Accents

Surya Grey Clearwater Vase  Surya White Clearwater Vase
Even though you do have to think about the bigger pieces you're adding into your home, the smaller ones matter, too! Just like all of the Christmas and other seasonal decorations you put up in your home, there are so many other little trinkets that you can place on your mantle, coffee table, or anywhere else you can find room. Add a pop of color or pick out the perfect sea shell accents!


4. Invest in Sunbrella

Klaussner Bentley Sofa Sunbrella Fabric
Many people know Sunbrella fabric as being used only on their outdoor furniture, but it's so much more than that. Sunbrella fabric can actually now be the fabric you choose to cover the entirety of your living room sofa. While incredibly comfortable, it also helps to keep your sofa remain in pristine condition all while acting as the most stain-resistant fabric you'll ever have. Now, on that first beautiful beach day, you'll be able to come right back into your home and plop down on the couch without having to worry about those dreaded water stains.
You can learn more about Sunbrella here.


5. Get in the Mood

Illume Candles at Kensington Furniture
As much as you may have your home looking ready for summertime, you need to make it smell like it, too! You can make your entire home smell like the beach with the "Watermint" scent from Illume Candles or make believe you're in the middle of a tropical island with "Pineapple Cilantro." With the incredibly long-lasting burn times and beautiful votives, these 100% all-natural candles will help you envision yourself into being in any area you desire.


How are you planning on getting your home ready for summer this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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