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Tricks to Accessorizing with Rugs

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If you're working on redecorating a room, don't forget to add the simple touch of a rug! Whether your room is needing a subtle pop of color or just a little something extra to fill it up, you do need to keep in mind a few tips and tricks that will make the entire process much easier. If you don't, that beautiful new rug could end up being a complete distraction rather than a compliment. Here are my tricks to help you better accessorize with rugs:


1. Size

Surya Rug at Kensington Furniture

It doesn't matter at all what your rug looks like if it's the completely wrong size. If it's too small for your room, it could end up making even the largest of spaces looked too cramped. The best size for just about any room is typically 8' x 10', but the best size for your specific room will always vary.


For Bedrooms:

If you're going to put an area rug in the bedroom, make sure that at least all four corners of the bed are underneath the rug. If possible, it will make your room look even more uniformed by fitting your nightstands and have about an extra foot or two of rug in front of the bed. For bedrooms, bigger is better.

For Living Rooms:

The area rug for a living room should be big enough to where both the front and back legs of your sofa or sectional are on it with a lot of extra fabric in front of it. If you have a loveseat or accent chairs, make sure they can comfortably fit in the same way.

For Dining Rooms:

Placing a rug in a dining room is a little simpler than others. It just has to be a few feet longer and wider than your table so that all chairs will always be on the rug whether they are pushed in or pushed out.


2. Color

Surya Rugs at Kensington Furniture

While all you may be worried about is picking out the prettiest area rug you can find, you still need to be practical, too. If you have pets and/or kids, placing a rug with darker colors may be best for you since they will mask a lot of stains or pet hair.


3. Shape

Surya Rugs at Kensington Furniture

While a generic rectangle is typically the most popular shape for an area rug, it's definitely not the only option! Rugs made in the shapes of circles and squares can create a more distinct look, especially based off of what color or pattern you choose to be on it! However, Surya allows you to choose even more options, like kidney, hearth, ovals, or even a doormat size.


4. Texture

Surya Rugs at Kensington Furniture

Rugs aren't always about the look--they're also about the feel! If you want your room to be more warm and welcoming, a soft, fluffy rug could be exactly what you need. For beach homes, a more durable rug made of Jute will keep that coastal vibe running all throughout your home.


With so many options available, the possibility of having your room turn out poorly shouldn't even be a thought in your mind!


This week, we just set up our new rug rack in the accessory area! If you're looking for a new area rug, stop over to see what we have. All of these samples show every size that they're offered in, so you'll be able to pick out the perfect rug in no time!

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