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Pendant Lights Done Right

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Hanging pendant lights used to be a trendy way to lighten up (no pun intended) your kitchen island, but, more recently, it's become much more than that. Instead of only hanging pendants in your kitchen and dining area, letting them shine down on your beautifully upholstered bed or your sleek sofa will add an instant touch of elegance and romance.


Make it a Statement Piece


Whether you're trying to create a rustic retreat or just a warm and inviting space, an antiqued metal pendant light will do just the trick. Hang it over your favorite chair to create a cozy reading nook. Let it illuminate your big, comfy couch. The possibilities are endless! No matter where you let it hang, it'll will brighten up any area.


Blend Two Different Styles

The original pendants were your standard chandeliers. Now, there are so many variations of those that you don't have to be stuck with just one option that will throw off more elegance than your coastal cottage desires. If you blend together a chandelier and a modern-era pendant, you get a beautiful piece of art that transforms your room into a cozy comfort area with just a hint of elegant charm.


Embrace Simplicity

Hadi Pendant Lighting by Ashley Furniture

Sometimes all you need is a little simplicity. Maybe chandeliers and wired pendants are just too over the top or will take away from the room itself that you tried so hard on decorating perfectly. A pendant with clean lines and transparent glass will let your room breathe easy. Plus, with its clear cover, you may even get more light!


Which style is your favorite out of these new, trendy pendant lights? Let me know in the comments below! I prefer the simplicity of the glass ones :)

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