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6 Ways to Add Color into Your Space

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Adding that perfect little pop of color to your space actually isn't nearly as difficult as you may think. The only rule you need to follow is 60-30-10.

Here's a little breakdown of the 60-30-10 rule:

60% is your dominant color

30% is your secondary color

10% is your accent color

After you've already chosen the perfect color scheme and all of the right furniture that will go in it, it's time to think about how to add color to your space. In this post, I'll be focusing on how to perfect the 10% accent color. Like I said already, you don't need too much of a crazy color in one roomabout 1 or 2 accent pieces will do the job just fine.


Here are a few ways you can add that perfect pop of color into any room:


1. Abstract Area Rug

The easiest way to make a room look more full (and homey) is by simply laying down a small area rug. Using one that has a lot of color is a sure-fire way to brighten up the entire space without having to place much more in that room. Lay this colorful rug beneath the feet of a neutral couch or in an empty corner with a couple of chairs to create a stylish reading area.

2. Perky Pillows

When it comes to decorating a room, the easiest way to change its entire vibe season by season is by adding or taking away pillows. Switch over your warm neutrals for more bright and exciting pastels or corals for the spring and summer season. It'll instantaneously make your room feel more bright and inviting. The best part is that the possibilities are endless if you have a few inserts because pillow covers are the most inexpensive way to continuously redecorate!

3. Wild Wall Art

Paintings and other types of wall art make it easy to add color into your space mainly because they're filled with it! For a neutral room, try hanging a piece of art that's a little more vibrant so it won't get lost within your wall color or anything else in the room. This is the one thing that you'll want to make sure will completely stand out.

4. Vivacious Vases

If you already placed a rug in your room and think you still need something else to really bring out those colors, a vase will act as that perfect piece to make your accent color really pop. Fill it with flowers or leave it emptyno matter which way you decide to put it in your room, it will always look stunning!

5. Tasteful Table Lamps

Choosing a vibrant accent color for lamps will not only literally brighten up your room, but they will also act as great accent pieces when they're not lit. It's important to pick out lamps with a beautiful base and shade despite how much light they actually give off because they will remain in your room all of the time, so you better make it worthwhile!

6. Bold Blankets

Aside from pillows, throwing a few throw blankets onto any piece of furniture is a great way to add a small pop of color to your space. And much alike pillows, it's also incredibly inexpensive to change out for the season! Have a thick, deep brown blanket made of wool for the cooler months and take out your bright, lighter cotton throw for when it starts to get a little warmer. The swap is simple and the effect it will have on your room is unbelievable.


What other ways have you tried adding color into your room? Let me know in the comments!

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