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How to Host a Winning Super Bowl Party

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It's about that time of year again! Gather all of the chips, dip, and beer that you can hold, and prepare to remain unmoved for hours on end. But before you pop a squat, make sure that you and your guests will be comfortable for all of Super Bowl Sunday.


Here are some game day essentials that you'll need to host one of the best Super Bowl parties:


Highlight Your Star Player

You want your guests to be looking at your TV the entire day, not your terrible taste in furniture (or lack thereof). If you have an entertainment unit that's nothing but a complete eyesore, no matter what everyone says, they won't be able to keep their eyes on the game. Gear up for game day with an entertainment unit that will not only look great, but also but will also keep your clutter out of the way for the day by hiding it behind closed doors.


Get a Souped-Up Sectional

You want your living room to be anything but ordinary on Super Bowl Sunday—why would anyone choose to be at your house if it wasn't? Not only do you want to have an abundance of seating for your guests, but you're also going to need a reason to make them stay. Bring up the term "high-tech gadgets" and I'll bet everyone will be excited. Built-in cooling cup holders, heated seats, massaging chairs, and USB ports to charge your phone will be enough to make any football fan happy.


Supersize Your Recliner

While everyone else is taking over your awesome new sectional, you'll want a place of your own for the day. But let's be real—your significant other probably isn't going to want to be squished between them, either. A supersized recliner is going to be the best option for your comfort and sanity. Extra wide recliners allow you to either sprawl out or remain incredibly comfortable with someone else sitting side by side with you. 

Raise the Stakes

Never miss a play or bend down to reach for your chips again! A lift-top coffee table makes it easy for you to continue stuffing your face while never having to take your eyes off of the TV. On Super Bowl Sunday, what more could you ask for?


So even if your team doesn't win the Super Bowl this Sunday, at least your party will!


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