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7 Things to Do Before Closing on Your New Home

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We all know buying a new home can be an extremely time-consuming and stressful process. Making negotiations, filling out endless paperwork, preparing for closing day, it can all leave you in a whirlwind!

There's so much to think about that sometimes the smaller things get forgotten, which can make moving in a much longer process than it needs to be. So while you are anxiously awaiting your closing day, here are 7 simple tasks that you can start checking off your list now to help make move-in day go a whole lot smoother. 

1.) Book the movers

As soon as you know your closing date, go ahead a book your movers. This is an easy task to check off your list, and if you wait too long often these companies book up, especially in peak moving season - June through August. Even if you are planning on moving yourself you will need to rent a truck or get together some friends and family to help. Consider what you will need and make sure to make plans as early as possible.

2.) Hire a locksmith

Once those new house keys are placed in your hand, it all becomes so real! Whether you're a first time home owner or getting ready to downsize after your kids have moved out, it's still an exciting moment! BUT it's important to get your outdoor locks and keys changed as soon as possible, simply for safety reasons. You don't want any of the previous owners' friends or family having a key to your home. Hire a locksmith ahead of time, so that on your first night in your new home, you can feel safe and not have to worry about one more thing to do.

3.) Set Up Utilities

Switching over all your utilities is easy to forget, but no one wants to move in to a home without gas and electric even just for a couple days. Make the calls a couple weeks in advance before move-in day.

4.) Hire a cleaning crew

Nobody wants to move into a dirty home, and the last thing you want to add to your busy schedule is scrubbing bathrooms while your trying to get settled. Most places will be cleaned prior to your move-in date, but often they aren't cleaned as well as you'd like, or if the home has been empty for some time before move in, it may need another cleaning. If you want to make sure the home is squeaky clean for move in, consider hiring a cleaning crew. Go ahead and book them in advance, so it's one less thing to worry about and you can make sure they are available.

5.) Plan any work that needs to be done to the home early 

Do a walk through and get a plan for what you want your home to look like. Will you need help setting things up the way you want them? Will you need a contractor to do work to the home. At the least, you'll probably want to paint or lay down new flooring. Get your plan together as early as possible so you can book contractors, painters, or carpeting and flooring early.

6.) Shop for furniture early

Generally speaking you don't want to make major purchases before closing because you don't want to risk your mortgage, BUT if it's a well-priced singular piece of furniture go ahead and get that ordered as early as possible so you're not sitting or eating on the floor for 12 weeks after moving in!

What you should do if you need to furnish a lot of the home is begin shopping as early as possible. Schedule an appointment with a design consultant now, show them your new home layout, get a design and customize your furniture. Our design consultants work with people who are waiting to close all the time, and they are happy to help you get your order all written up. Then once closing is final all you'll have to do is make a call to get your order placed! 

7.) Book a sitter for children or pets

Closing-day is BUSY, and the last thing you want to deal with are irritable children or a hyper dog. Find a family member, a babysitter, or a pet daycare service, and book the day in advance. This way you'll have time to focus on getting your new home ready to live in. It will be much easier to move in children and pets once you are somewhat unpacked and organized.

There are so many things to plan for while you await closing day, but if you chip away at your to-do list list ahead of time, moving in can be a fun experience!

Happy Closing Day!

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