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5 Tips for Choosing Patio Furniture

The right patio furniture can transform any outdoor space into a beautiful and functional extension of your home, especially in the summer months. Whether you plan to throw outdoor dinner parties or have late night drinks and card games by the fireside, the right furniture can help you make amazing memories all summer long.

Don't overlook the opportunity to create a functional space to relax or entertain even in a small garden or upper level porch. Even the smallest of spaces can become an outdoor sanctuary with the right chair, lounge or table.

Check out our tips below for choosing the right furniture for your patio or outdoor space, and make your yard the place to be this summer!

1) Plan it Out

The first thing you want to do when looking for outdoor furniture is to do a little planning. Make a list of what you want to do in this space and what functions will be important to you. Do you want to spend late nights out on the patio having drinks or playing cards? Will you need lighting or a fire pit for warmth? Do you plan on having dinners outside? Do you just want a relaxing space to lounge by the backyard pool? Think about the activities you plan to do in the space and list it out. This will help you when you go look at furniture to figure out exactly what you'll need.

2.) Look for Durable Materials

You'll want to enjoy your yard this summer and not be worrying about the furniture. Look for durable and easy-clean materials like Sunbrella or Nuvella which are fade-resistant and can be easily cleaned with water. Look for rust-free metals as well. This will ensure that the upkeep is easy, and it stays looking nice all season. 

*The set pictured above features durable Nuvella fabric and rust-free aluminum.

3.) Test It Out

Ashley Outdoor Furniture

The feel of the furniture is just as important as the look and style. If you're going to be having dinners outside or taking afternoon naps on your lounge set you are going to want your space to be inviting and the furniture to be comfortable. When shopping for these pieces be sure to check them out in the store and take a seat and see how it feels. 

4.) Look for Pieces that Serve Multiple Purposes

Ashley Outdoor Collection

When shopping for outdoor furniture look for pieces that will serve multiple functions for your space. Try ottomans that will double as a seat for guests, dining chairs that can easily be pulled by the pool for chatting with your friends, or one of my favorites - the firepit table top! Pictured above you can see how gorgeous table featuring a fire pit top can be used for so many purposes. Leave the pit cover on to use the table for outdoor dining or light up the fire for late night smores. It also makes the perfect night-time bar where you can set your drinks and still enjoy the warmth of the flames. Pieces like this will make the most of any space and enable you to enjoy your yard much more.

5.) Make Sure You Have Shade

 If you plan to spend time outside in the heat of the day, you'll want to consider the shade. Your poolside lounge, outdoor table, or fire-top bar are not going to be very welcoming if it is sitting in the beating hot sun all day. If you're lucky enough to already have an awning or natural shade you are good to go, but if not consider creating your own. There are always options like awnings or terrace coverings, but if you want a more flexible and less permanent option try a large umbrella. A cantilever umbrella like the one above is available in multiple colors and can be placed anywhere and easily moved throughout the season if you want to change the layout of your furniture.


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