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4 Things that Look Better in Gold

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When it comes to adding glamour to your home, go for the gold! From a sweet rose gold to a sophisticated bronze, gold hues bring instant warmth and regality to a home. With the rise of the Hollywood Regency home trend, gold and bronze shades are making a comeback in a big way. Glamorous metallics are everywhere! We've got you covered when it comes to finding glamorous metallic decor in our Glam Decor Collection, but don't throw away your old decor just yet! The great thing about the metallic trend is you can easily upcycle some of your old accessories with just a can of gold spray paint. Check out these 4 ways to add glamour to your home with gold spray paint!

#1 Deck out Your Door

When creating a glamorous vibe in your home don't forget the outside! You want your house to make an impression right at the front door. What better way for your home to grab attention and create a little curb appeal than to add gold accessories to your door. Spray paint your door knob, knocker, house numbers, anything you'd like in a metallic gold. It looks classic, glamorous and will sparkle in the sun! For extra glamour look for a cheap vintage door knocker or mail slot from a thrift shop and give it a fresh shiny coat of gold paint! 

#2 Bedside Glamour

Spray paint your old lamp stand and alarm clock in gold and suddenly these two essentials become beauty statements! A little gold can make anything pop.

#3 Trendy Tabletop

Even your kids' toys can become masterpieces when covered in gold! Try spray painting plastic animal figures the kids don't use anymore to create a glamorous table topper! Also do this with old mismatched keys! Spray paint them in gold and use them to add a little shimmer on your coffee table or hang them on the wall for a vintage glam pop! This is one of my favorite ideas because it gives new life to pieces that might have ended up in the trash! 

#4 The Prettiest Mirror of Them All

Have a traditional mirror that you love but just feels out of date? Make it into a masterpiece with gold spray paint. Mirrored surfaces are very important in glamorous decor and the ornate detailing of an old frame in a metallic gold adds a vintage glam touch that is trendy and absolutely stunning. If you don't have a mirror like this look for a cheap plastic one or try a thrift shop for a cheap vintage piece. The gold spray paint will cover any imperfections and give it an expensive look! I recently found an old frame at an antique shop for $20 which I spray painted, and it came out stunning! Be creative and don't worry, because imperfections just add to the vintage look.

Have you tried any of these ideas? Let us know how they came out! Still need some more DIY inspiration? Check out our Glam Decor DIY Pinterest board!

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