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Top 5 Man Cave Must-Haves


Whether you actually have the space to create your own man cave or not, you can still create a relaxing space of your own. Get an awesome recliner with that "Mad Men" mid-century modern flair or a new entertainment center to hold the big screen plus plenty of space for all your movies, games, and consoles. No matter how much space you have you can still give yourself a spot in the home that is all about you. Now whether that's a place to get some peace or quiet or a place to host poker night with the guys is all up to you!

Here are our top 5 picks to create an epic man cave or just to create your own little man "nook" in the family room!

#1 The Debonair Chair

When you think of recliners, you might automatically picture a puffy chair with no style, but recliners have really gotten a makeover in the past few years. Get yourself a cozy chair that's still sophisticated and suave enough to make a statement in your man cave. Or with this much style, it can go right in the living room where you can have your own throne to watch the game or a movie with the family.

#2 The Perfect View


Once you have a comfy spot to play video games, watch movies, or cheer on your favorite teams, you're going to want an epic media unit to watch it from. You'll want it large enough to hold a big screen and plenty of storage space for game consoles, games, DVDs, movies, and anything else you might want to keep near by like your sound system, speakers, record collection and record player. A nice rustic wood finish keeps it stylish but masculine. Another awesome techy feature that some media units offer now are built in electric fireplaces! This is the perfect way to stay toasty in your basement man cave.


We've all seen those epic man cave pictures on Pinterest, and the one thing many have in common is an awesome bar. If you want to take your basement hang out to the next level, or you just want a spot to chill in the house, get an awesome bar or pub table where you can gather your buds, have a drink and chill out. 

*PINTEREST-WORTHY STYLE TIP: Place a counter-height bar back to back with your sectional or reclining sofa in your den or man cave area to give everyone a place to have a drink and snack while still right in front of the TV!

#4 The multi-functional table

Whether it's Swiss Army Knives with tons of tools or sports watches with altitude measurements and thermo sensors, guy seem to love their multi-functional gadgets. Why not bring that ultimate function to a coffee or end table. Try a side table with built in outlets and USB ports or this awesome coffee table with pull out stool/ottomans where you can play games with the kids or cards with a couple of friends.

#5 The Finishing Touches

While a man might not typically think about the accessories in a room, a truly epic man cave or "nook" needs those masculine finishing touches to truly be complete. Whether it's an industrial metal table lamp or a cozy, plush rug, it's the accessories that truly make the man . . . cave! If it's a nook you want to accessorize, try a small area rug under the recliner or under a pub table to sort of section the area off and add an industrial lamp or pendant light. If it's a larger area, go all out. A rug, a couple lamps, a cozy throw and a few industrial table top items and wall decor will bring the space to the next level.


 If your idea of a space just for you is the perfect place to watch your favorite shows, movies, and play games then check out our collection for the Epic Media Room with incredible seating, entertainment units and awesome multi-functional coffee tables!





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