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3 Easy Summer Cocktails to Wow Your Friends

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Summer time is here and that means it's time for barbecues, girl's days by the pool, and dinner parties on the patio. Everyone already knows your house is the place to be, now you need the perfect drink to serve up to impress your friends and family.  We've collected three super simple drinks that you can whip up without any hassle.

WARNING: Your friends will soon want to spend every weekend at your house if you serve up these yummy drinks!

Bubbly White Sangria

You absolutely can't go wrong with this drink. It's refreshing and fruity for a nice summer barbecue or dinner party. Plus, if you only want to put the effort into making one drink for your get together, sangria is a sure crowd pleaser. Here is the basic recipe, but feel free to try different fruits, wines and sweeteners! You'll love how simple this was to make and your friends will still be impressed with your bubbly twist on this classic drink and how good it looks in a large pitcher on your bar!


2 bottles sweet white wine (I like moscato or riesling)

2 bottles champagne

2 cups orange juice

2 diced oranges

2 diced apples

2 cups strawberries

2 cups blueberries


Combine all your fruit in a pitcher.

Pour wine and champagne over the top.

Chill overnight and when ready to serve just give it a quick mix.

You can add a little sugar for taste if you like.

Garnish the glass with a slice of orange.


This drink is not only super simple, but no one will ever be able to tell that you aren't a cocktail genius! It's light and fresh and perfect for barbecues, pool side with the girls, or maybe just an afternoon treat!


1 bottle blueberry lemonade

1 bottle blueberry vodka

Seltzer water to taste (usually half a liter up to a liter)

Frozen blueberries (to use as yummy ice cubes)


Combine lemonade, vodka, and seltzer in a pitcher.

Add frozen blueberries to each cup as ice cubes .


Again, this one seems fancy, especially served with the pineapple garnish, but it takes only minutes to mix up and needs very minimal ingredients. 

(makes 4-5 cocktails)


1 cup spiced rum

3 cups pineapple juice

Lime juice (to taste)

Sliced lime and pineapple (for garnish)


Combine rum and pineapple juice.

Add lime juice (about 1-2 squeezed limes).


Serve over ice and garnish glass with sliced pineapple and lime.


Now that you have the drinks, if you still don't have the perfect place to serve them up check out my two favorite summer bars:

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