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Elegant Ways to Use Red, White, and Blue in the Dining Room

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While most people spend their time getting the BBQ ready on Memorial Day, you're differentyou want to make sure that everyone feels patriotic no matter where they're inside or outside of your house.


Memorial Day Decor at Kensington Furniture

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Leave the stars and stripes for the paper napkins (seriously). Aside from what everyone else believes, you don't have to only decorate with the American flag for your decor to be considered patriotic. You can use any pieces you already have to create displays using reds, whites, and blues for a much more elegant look.


Here are 5 ways to use red, white, and blue in your dining room that will make it look just the right amount of festive.


 1. Upholster Your Chairs

Gavleston Dining Set by Ashley Furniture at Kensington Furniture


This worn table with accented red upholstered chairs make a perfect start and are just asking to be accessorized. Top it off with the plain white china that's been sitting in your cabinet untouched for years and some blue faux flowers in a glass vase. The combination of the red upholstered chairs, white china, and blue faux flowers will make a perfectly elegant dining room for Memorial Day.


2. Throw in Small Pieces

Red, White, and Blue Decor at Kensington Furniture


Want to take it step further? Add any (or all!) of these pieces anywhere in the dining room, and it'll definitely start turning some heads during your Memorial Day party! Set a red glass lamp on top of a classic white end table, hang a white-bordered mirror above your server, or lay a modern navy rug underneath your dining set. Adding all three of these pieces close in proximity will make it even better.


3. Add One Piece Full of Color

Breakers Blue Chest by Coast to Coast Imports at Kensington Furniture


Even though I said that you shouldn't decorate everything with stars and stripes, I strongly encourage the use of color, especially in the normally drab dining room. If you want to use a lot of color, find smaller pieces of furniture that will really make a statement. This blue chest is surely something no one will walk by without looking twice at. Make it your own by adding a little extra color with a soft red throw hanging out of the top drawer and a rustic white clock sitting on top. The possibilities of decorating around a piece like this are virtually endless!

4. Place a Pouf

Poufs by Ashley Furniture at Kensington Furniture


My favorite thing about poufs is that they're just about as practical as they are pretty. While most people think of only putting poufs in the living room, think about how many times you've gotten stuck standing for hours on end at a party because all of the chairs in the dining room were taken. At first glance, these red, white, and blue poufs are just another Memorial Day decoration, but your guests will be thanking you later when they have somewhere to kick their feet up.


5. Display Pillows

Stockwell Pillow by Ashley Furniture at Kensington Furniture


Much like poufs, pillows aren't just for the living room! Instead off filling up your entire couch to showcase your collection of red, white, and blue pillows, display them in your dining room. With china cabinets becoming less and less popular nowadays, replace it with an open bookcase to show off your favorite pieces instead of storing them.


With all of the different ways you can elegantly display your patriotism inside of your house this year, you may even consider hosting your Memorial Day party inside! All of your guests are sure to love the immense amount of detail you put in to yours decorations; and the best part about this classy patriotic style is that you can leave your red, white, and blue decorations up all summer long (or at least until the 4th of July comes and goes)!



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