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Can Good Sleep Health Raise Your IQ?

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Can Good Sleep Health Raise Your IQ?


We all know what a bad night's sleep can do to our ability to function physically and mentally. Angrily hitting the snooze button over and over, hoping that somehow it will magically make time stop. Crappy sleep can not only make you sick and mean, it can make you a zombie dummy. A study done by the Army Institute of Research found that sleep deprivation can bring a multitude of ailments. The results of the study stated that poor sleep health lowered multiple human functions in every subject tested. 

This scenario is far too familiar for many, but what becomes possible after a great night's sleep? How about higher intelligence? Yes, please!

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have linked increased memory function with adequate sleep patterns. Scientists found that research subjects who experienced a deeper rapid-eye-movement sleep, or REM sleep, increased their ability to not only retain new information, but to access their existing memory banks much more rapidly than sleep deprived subjects. Learning a new language? Prepping for an important meeting? Cramming for a test? Then be sure to grab those quality zzzz's.

Speaking of quality, the Japanese Society of Sleep Research has discovered that it isn't the quantity (amount of time)  but rather the quality of our sleep that really makes the difference. Fluid intelligence was measured in all 217 adolescent subjects with varying sleep times. Summed up, the conclusion of the experiment was that excellent cognitive ability didn't rely on how long or how short your sleep cycle was, as long as you reached a deep state of sleep.

For questions or more information on how to get a great night's sleep to boost your brain power, contact us. Happy snoozing!

image : University of Utah, Neuroscience Initiative Program, 2016\


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