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This Mother's Day, Skip the Flowers!

Posted by Melissa Mott on

While most children typically give their moms flowers for Mother's Day, be different! Instead of a bringing home a boring bouquet of flowers, give your mom something that will always remind her of how beautiful she is. 

Roses are traditional and timelessly elegant. They represent love and beauty. Roses are the perfect choice for a mother who is a classic beauty inside and out.

For the mother who is much like a rose, she'll probably love these timeless pieces.


Duchess Sofa by Klaussner at Kensington Furniture

Lilies represent strength and distinct beauty.


For the mother whose strength, love, and inner beauty makes her unlike any other, she'll find these these pieces absolutely breathtaking.

Marigold Queen Bed by Jonathan Louis at Kensington Furniture


Tulips represent love, warmth, and affection. They are the perfect flower for the mother who puts family above everything else and who everyone loves to be around.


The mother who is much like a tulip will love these family-oriented pieces.


Wildflowers represent being a free-spirit and having natural beauty. These eclectic beauties are the perfect flower for the mother who finds beauty in every situation.

If your mom has a carefree attitude, I'm sure she'll love these eclectic pieces.

Are you going to skip the flowers and give your mom something that's much more meaningful for Mother's Day this year? Let me know in the comments!

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