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Weekend Warriors: When Do They Rest?

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Anyone on social media has those friends that seem to be having some amazing adventure every weekend. One weekend they are heading off to New York City to see a show and go to some clubs. The next weekend they are doings some hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Then they are headed to Atlantic City. And then to the beach. Their fun never ends! How do the keep up with that lifestyle? Well the truth is, social media doesn't paint a very accurate picture of what people's lives are really like. And the other truth is, it isn't good for your body to run it rampant like that all the time.

Sure, you want to spend your time off of work doing things you enjoy. You deserve to have some fun after working hard all week. But rest is also very important to our health and our culture doesn't place much emphasis on it. 

Sleep and achievement are very connected. Those who think they can keep up with working all week and playing all weekend are in for a surprise in the long run. According to an article from BBC, our bodies need sleep to recover—both mentally and physically. Whether your work is physically or mentally demanding, you need sleep to restore your body and your mind each day. Neglecting sleep can lead to sickness, obesity, and a whole host of other health problems. Balancing work, play, and rest will result in the most happy and whole lifestyle. 

For more information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through sleep, contact us at the Mattress Store at Kensington.

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