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Too Busy to Sleep: A Look at the American Sleep Culture

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We Americans wear “busy” like a badge. Ask anyone in passing conversation how they’ve been and their reply will almost always be “busy.” Call someone’s home early on a Saturday morning and they’ll probably tell you in a groggy voice that they’ve been up for hours. They want you to believe they’ve been busy. The alternative would be embarrassing!

And what’s the alternative?


Sleep has almost become taboo in today’s culture, possibly for a couple of reasons.

Starting in the 70s, corporate America started to take shape in a different way than in years past. Women were starting to climb the corporate ladder and demand equal pay and respect. People all over the world were clamoring for a spot on Wall Street. And twenty-somethings fresh out of college started to see executive careers as the only way to a better future.

More than ever, the race to the top became a cut-throat competition. In order to keep up, most executives arrived at the office earlier than their co-workers, and remained at work way into the evening. The term, “you snooze, you lose” was quite possibly coined in this era!

While we can’t blame all our bad habits on one decade, it’s clear that sleep shaming was probably born sometime in our generation. As a result, we’re suffering from a staggering amount of sleep deprivation. The problem is that sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on our bodies and brains.

Because sleep is so vital to memory retention, concentration and emotional health, a lack of sleep causes inefficiency in the very tasks we are so busy trying to accomplish!

It’s time to stop the vicious cycle and reclaim the sleep our bodies need! Call or come by today and ask us how we can help.


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