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Tips for Improving Sleep Health in Teachers

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Students may not believe it, but their teachers are human too. Teachers often balance testing with paperwork, reports, classroom planning, lesson planning, and something of a social life. Where does that leave sleep? In many cases at the bottom of the priority list. It is as important for teachers to maintain good sleep health as it is for their students. 

Organization and Delegation

Proper organization is important for sleep health. Remember, you do not need to finish an entire project in one night. Schedule plenty of time to finish reports, report cards, and other important paperwork. If a teacher needs to write out lesson plans, do them a little at a time during the week.

Delegation is just as important for teachers. If the teacher is part of a team for special education, allow other team members to work on preparations. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness!


After organizing and delegating tasks, it is time to relax! Yes, these five letters are important to sleep health. In order to achieve optimal sleep, the brain needs to rest. Find a way to relax whether it's a hot bath, a workout at the gym, or reading a book and indulge in it at least twice a week. As the school year goes on, increase the number of times a week you partake in these activities. 

Stick to a Schedule

Students need to follow a schedule during the school day. Teachers should do the same after school. Before the school year starts , create a schedule that allows for family time, work, and relaxation before bed. Be flexible when creating this as things may change during the school year. After creating it, stick to it no matter what! The body will adjust to the sleep needed and sleep health will improve as a result.

Teachers often put themselves last to ensure their students succeed. Sleep is important for teachers, as they will find more focus and enjoy the job more if they are not tired all the time. Contact us today for more information on improving sleep health in teachers.

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