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The Dreamcatcher: Find Your Perfect Mattress

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When you walk into Kensington Furniture and Mattress, you enter a store that is highly equipped to help you find the best sleep possible for you. We aren't just talking about our knowledgable employees and our business' history of over 100 years making our customers happy. Kensington Furniture and Mattress has science to work alongside our expertise with the innovative technology—the Dreamcatcher.

The Dreamcatcher is built by Xsensor Technology Corporation and gives us the ability to tell you which mattress is right for your body type and with your preferred sleeping positions. At our store, you lay on the Dreamcatcher sensors to figure out where your body is placing the most pressure. Then we use a software to help us turn the data from the sensors into an understanding of what mattress would be best for you. 

We don't want to just find a mattress that seems right to you when you are in the store. We want to use this Dreamcatcher technology to figure out what is ideal for your body in the long run. At Kensington, we understand the importance of healthy sleep and the impact it has on you psychologically and physically. 

For more information about the Dreamcatcher, come into our store and try it out. We have a variety of mattress brands to choose from including Tempur-pedic, Posturepedic, Optimum, and Stearns & Foster. We also have an incredible selection of bedroom furniture, living room furniture, and kitchen and dining room furniture. Contact us today at Kensington Furniture and Mattress to find the best mattress for you.

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