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Surviving the Change: Daylight Savings and Sleep

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Sunlight filtering through your windows in the morning helps to alert your body that it's time to awake and enjoy a new day. Likewise, darkening night skies help lull your body to sleep. With daylight saving time, your body may face the confusion of both time changes and shortened days. Understanding Daylight Savings and Sleep can help you get through the transition.

How Does My Body Know the Time?

Your internal body clock helps you get the deep sleep you need to function at your best. It also determines when we are alert and are sleepy (and prone to making mistakes if not safely in bed asleep). This process is called a circadian rhythm: "circa" (about) "dian" (a day). But when the days shorten, your internal clock is discombobulated, sending signals to your body that conflict with the time of day.

Ways Around the Body Clock

By having regular bedtime rituals, such as changing into comfy pajamas, enjoying a warm cup of non-caffeinated tea, or reading a book, you can convince your body that it is time for bed, even if the time has moved by an hour. 

Fortunately, falling back an hour is easier on the body than spring daylight saving time, when time is moved forward an hour. But any change to normal sleep patterns can make a difference. When daylight saving time takes effect, you may experience grogginess, and even the inability to concentrate.

Things to Avoid

As always, you want to avoid caffeine or alcohol before bed, both of which can throw off your body's natural rhythms. Avoiding bright or unnatural light before bedtime can also help your body find its new sleep patterns. Instead of watching television or picking up your electronic devices, try reading a book or listening to calming music before bed so that you can help lull your body into restorative sleep.

As you head into daylight saving changes, it's helpful to also consider the comfort of your bed and mattress. If you are interested in finding the most comfortable bedding available, please contact us. We care about your comfort, as well as the quality of your sleep, and will work with you to find the option that best fits your needs.


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