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Sleep Health: Why It Should Be A Priority For Your Heart

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If sleep health isn't a priority for you now, we're hoping that you'll read on to find out what proper sleep does for your heart. 

Sleep And Blood Pressure

Sleep deprivation puts a person at risk for developing high blood pressure. Individuals who already have heart disease are at an even greater risk for having a heart attack if they're sleep deprived. Proper sleep restores energy and drops blood pressure, which benefits the heart. 

Sleep And Weight Control

Individuals who don't get enough sleep often suffer from a slow metabolism, which makes weight management difficult. Tired individuals are also less likely to want to exercise. Excess weight and obesity unfortunately puts a person at greater risk for developing heart disease.

Sleep And Cholesterol

Without proper sleep, the body can't fight cholesterol buildup in the arteries as well. Disrupted sleep halts the arterial lining's ability to regenerate itself and shed this buildup. People also might develop a tendency to eat higher-calorie foods without sufficient rest, which can raise cholesterol.

Sleep And Diabetes

Sleep-deprived individuals have more of a risk for developing high glucose levels and prediabetes. As prediabetes makes it difficult for the body to regulate glucose, those with the condition often develop type 2 diabetes within 10 years. Having type 2 diabetes is a risk factor for heart disease.

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