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Sleep Health: What Is a Sleep Study?

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Sleeping problems can come in many forms. One person might not be able to fall asleep, or be able to stay asleep for long enough to get rested. Another might have no difficulty falling to sleep, but their rest might not be adequate enough to get them through the day ahead. Still another may have snoring or breathing issues that can keep them from getting the rest their body needs.

Your first step to gaining proper sleep health is to consult your primary physician. Your medical provider may be able to give you a diagnosis and treatment on your symptoms alone. If not, then they most likely will refer you to a sleep specialist for a sleep study.

Where are Sleep Studies Held?

This type of study can be done at a specialized facility or a regular hospital. The main thing you will need to know is if the facility performing the testing has been accredited by the AASM, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. This approval may be necessary for your insurance carrier to cover the cost of the study.

What are the Sleeping Rooms Like?

Basically these facilities try their best to make the room have an at-home feel to them. Normal bedroom furniture and even televisions are generally provided to put you as much at ease as possible.

What Happens During a Sleep Study?

First and foremost, don't worry. According to the National Sleep Foundation, this type of test is totally non-invasive and does not result in any pain whatsoever. Basically you will spend one or two nights at the facility where a sleep technologist will monitor your sleep.

Your head, chest, and legs will be fitted with electrodes that will provide the technologist with a tremendous amount of information. The study will record things such as eye movement, breathing, heart rhythm, and brain wave activity.

Once a full night's sleep has been monitored, the technologist will give the recorded data to your physician who may then order medication, use of a CPAP machine, or oxygen for the remainder of your study. 

What Happens After a Sleep Study?

Once the physician has all the information from the tests, they can diagnosis your sleeping disorder and help you get the relief that you need. There are many ways to treat these types of disorders once the medical provider has gotten to the root of the problem.

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