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Sleep Health: How to Choose the Right Mattress

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Having good sleep health means you can improve your memory and reduce your risk for medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

That is why sleeping on the right mattress is important, though finding the right one is often difficult. Here are some tips you should keep in mind the next time you're in the market for a mattress:

Determine your budget - Before heading to the store, decide on a budget. This will allow you to know what you can afford before trying the different types of mattresses.

Ask your physician - If you have health issues, ask your physician if he can recommend a mattress brand that's right for you.

Bring your partner - If you'll be sharing the mattress, be sure your partner shops with you. The mattress will feel different with the weight of an additional person.

Look for allergens - If you have allergies, especially to mold and dust mites, be sure to read the label on the mattress. Or better yet, buy one that is hypoallergenic.

Test the mattress before you buy - It may sound strange, but it's recommended that you lie on a mattress for at least twenty minutes in your normal sleep position before buying. Keep in mind, once you get your new mattress home, it will likely take a few nights to adjust even though you found it comfortable at the store.

When you're ready to buy a new mattress, please contact us. Our sales associates will use the Dreamcatcher, a special pressure mapping device that will help you find the perfect mattress.

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