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Sleep for Stay at Home Parents

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Parents who work and parents who stay at home each have their unique challenges and advantages. But some might assume that being a stay at home parent means that a night of bad sleep is no big deal. They might think stay at home parents can catch up on sleep during the day and their tasks at home aren't as demanding as someone going to work. Sure, stay at home parents can try to catch a nap when their little ones are sleeping. And fixing lunches, drop-off and pick-up, and keeping the house clean might not take as much concentration as a high stress job. But stay at home parents want to do their best and that means getting good sleep is vital to their achievement as a parent.

Sleep and achievement are obviously related. Anyone who has pulled an all-nighter and then had to go to class the next day or been kept up by a crying baby all night and then gone to work the following day knows it is hard to achieve much when you are feeling sleep deprived. What does that mean for the stay at home parent? According to an article from Parents magazine, 

"Lack of REM sleep can cause memory lapses and make tasks requiring higher cognitive functioning more difficult, leaving you feeling scattered and foggy (as in, "Did I just change a diaper?"). For moms, this makes a range of daily activities problematic -- from balancing the checkbook to conjuring up the patience to deal with a cranky toddler."

Stay at home parents need to do their best to get good sleep because their children's safety is in their hands all day long. That drop-off and pick-up that seems pretty mindless can actually become very dangerous for a parent who can't stay awake behind the wheel. And those simple interactions between parent and child that make up the fabric of the their relationship can be damaged when a parent is losing their temper due to exhaustion. Clearly, for parents who want to achieve the most, good sleep is key. For more information on sleep and achievement for stay at home parents, contact us at the Mattress Store at Kensington today.

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