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Sleep Culture Around the World

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There are two things we all definitely share as human beings. We all need to eat and we all need to sleep. We know quite a bit now, due to popular media outlets, about the different cultural variances of cuisine all over our world. Sleep culture, however, is just as much a part of our everyday lives, and yet we are exposed to so little information. Here's a few facts about our sleep culture around this world, you might not yet know.

 Where You Are, Determines Where You Sleep

While finances can greatly determine the location you find yourself laying down to rest, in some areas of the world your bed is determined by tradition.

  • In Japan, geishas share a room with up to 5 other geishas. They sleep on mats called tatamis, sometimes topped with thin futon rolls. The mats are usually woven from grass and rice straw. 
  • In Israel, a traditional Bedouin family consisting of 3 generations, will sleep under the same massive tent on a beautiful rug woven out of goat hair.
  •  In Brazil, the indigenous Awa tribal members sleep in large communal houses open to the elements. Suspended from the rafters are hammocks made of Brazil nut fibres.

Some Mattress History

While some areas have retained their traditional sleeping materials, most citizens of Earth have taken a fancy to mattresses. In fact we've been hitting the "sack" since the neolithic period.  The oldest mattress ever discovered  was found in South Africa and now calls the Smithsonian it's home. It was over 77,000 years old and constructed using layers of leaves and grass.

Today's mattresses offer a plethora of options. Combining comfort and style, there's a great pick for every preference. For more information on how to find the best mattress for your best sleep please contact us.


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