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Sleep and Success for Professionals

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Hard-working professionals often burn the candle at both ends. They are up early to hit the gym before work or get to the office to get some things done before the rush of the day. And then even if they leave work at a usual time in the evening, they bring work home and answer emails or go over reports late into the night. But how are sleep and achievement related when it comes to professionals? You may be an alpha male or female in the office that brags about only needing four hours of sleep a night. But is that really true?

According to an article from Men's Fitness, sleep is partly very important because that is when growth hormone (GH) is released. GH is obviously important for children who are growing but still surprising important for adults and keeping our bodies healthy. It keeps your metabolism going, increases calcium retention (for maintaining bone density), promotes fat loss, and keeps you mentally healthy is so many ways. The article also states, 

"The national sleep foundation recommends 7-9 hours [of sleep a night] . Lifestyle and activity levels play a huge factor—the harder you live, the more sleep you need—so you’ll have to figure out your own personal sweet spot."

That means if you have a high-stress job, a highly emotional job, work a lot of hours, or spend a good portion of your job being active, you are going to need extra sleep to help you rebound. The point being, there is no gold star given to professionals who only get a few hours of sleep a night. In fact, not only will your body take a serious toll, but so will your alertness and ability to perform well. For more information on the importance of sleep health, contact us today at the Mattress Store at Kensington.

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