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Sleep and Achievement: Sleep for Athletes

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If you have been watching the Summer 2016 Olympics, you are probably anxious to see Jamaican runner Usain Bolt compete again. The past two rounds of Olympics have brought incredible triumph to Bolt. But you may be surprised to hear what Bolt's number one secret is to success—sleep. According to an article in Fatigue Science, Bolt has been quoted as saying,

"Sleep is extremely important to me—I need to rest and recover in order for the training I do to be absorbed by my body."

Whether or not you are an Olympic athlete, sleep is vital in your daily life. But why are sleep and achievement connected when it comes to athletes? Sleep improves performance, reaction time, and recovery time. Usain Bolt isn't the only professional athlete who has spoken out about sleep. According to the article, both Roger Federer and Lebron James make sure they get 12 hours of sleep a night. So if you thought needing more sleep showed some sign of weakness, think again. Some of the world's top athletes find getting plenty of sleep essential to their success.

Here are some things that sleep does for an athlete's body, or on the flip side, things that sleep deprivation takes away from the body.

  • Just four nights of sleep deprivation causes your glucose metabolism to drop by 30-40%.
  • Sleep deprivation makes you reach the point of exhaustion 11% sooner.
  • Maximum bench press drops off by 20 pounds when you have four nights in a row when you don't get good rest.
  • Believe it or not, a 20-30 minute power nap increases alertness by 100%!

These are just a few of the facts on sleep for athletes. For more fun facts, check out this infographic. And to facilitate your sleep with a new mattress from the Mattress Store at Kensington, contact us today.


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