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Sleep and Achievement in Fitness: Why Muscles Need Enough Sleep To Repair Themselves And Grow

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Deep sleep is vital for all human beings to rest the brain and restore a sense of alertness. It's especially vital for those who work out, however, because it's the period in which muscle tissue is repaired and is able to grow.

To understand the importance of deep and unbroken sleep in the role of muscle growth, you first have to understand a little about how sleep cycles work. During the typical six to eight hours that most people sleep each night, they actually fluctuate constantly in how deeply asleep they are. Each of these fluctuations is a "sleep cycle," and each cycle takes roughly 90 minutes to complete. Sleepers gradually cycle down through four stages of sleep until they reach REM sleep, the deepest stage which lasts for roughly 10 to 15 minutes during the first sleep cycle. Most people then go through three to five more cycles, which are very similar, except that more time is spent in REM sleep with each succeeding cycle. By the final cycle, you'll be in a REM sleep state for nearly an hour.

REM sleep is believed to be where the majority of muscle repair occurs. The process of building muscle actually involves tearing the muscle tissue so it can be rebuilt, so getting to this phase of sleep is absolutely vital.

Unfortunately, since REM sleep is the final phase of each sleep cycle, and since you don't get the full needed amount until you reach later cycles, it's the form of sleep that tends to get short shrift if the sleep cycles are being interrupted for some reason.

If you've hit a seemingly inexplicable wall in your training, make sure you're getting at least eight hours of quality uninterrupted sleep per night. While there are many factors that contribute to getting quality sleep, the right bed for you is one of the biggest components. Contact us to learn more about how to select the right mattress for your personal needs.

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