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Olympians & Sleep: Good Rest is Golden

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As American athletes continue to wow judges and fans at this year's Olympics, there's a fortifying tip we can take from them: sleep renews, and yields results. Olympians & Sleep is a topic worth exploring; let's take a look at how their sleep habits can help us go for the gold.

How Does Our Stress Compare to our Olympic Athletes'?

Workers have the stress of a daily commute, and Olympians have hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles to travel just to get to the games. To battle jet lag, athletes work restorative naps into their schedules, considering the value of sleep as important as food and excercise. Borrowing from this idea, we can work in guilt-free naps as needed so we stay on top of our daily work life games as well.

Dealing with tight schedules, deadlines, and ever-changing policies and procedures can wear on anyone. The same applies at the games. Athletes understand that lack of sleep can compound the feelings of pressure around the Olympics and a rigorous schedule. Without proper sleep, athletes are sluggish, which is definitely not going to help them get to the podium. The gold standard for top-notch performance is seven and a half to eight hours of sleep each night. 

What Difference Does Sleep Environment Make?

When American athletes first checked into their sleeping quarters in Rio, many were concerned about the less-than-comfortable beds, stark lighting, and shabby decor. When a sleep area isn't personalized, it just doesn't encourage sleep. Experts came in to re-do athletes' spaces. Out went the tiny twins and in came full size plush-top mattresses and box springs with extra pillows. Twin beds simply weren't comfortable for most of our home-grown Olympians, who needed the extra length and space. Sore muscles also need the restoration of a soft yet supportive sleep surface.

Other environmental differences that help our athletic heroes sleep well include black-out curtains for deep sleep, soft background noise like a fan to help tune out ambient sounds of the Olympic village, and "quiet lighting" that doesn't produce harsh glare.

Though fitting time in our schedules for a good night's sleep and a proper sleep environment may seem like indulgence, we can definitely learn from those representing us at this year's Olympics: sleep keeps us at the top of our game. 

As we continue to cheer our country and our athletes as they represent us and medal in sport after sport, we can borrow from their wisdom. To check into the benefits of staying at the top of your sleep game, contact us. We'll help you achieve a golden night's sleep.


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