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How Sleep Impacts Your Overall Health

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The motto in our current culture, is the more work you do, the better. Even if it means staying up a few hours later; but, yet no one understands that sleep health is crucial to function normally. Some people understand the negative effects of constant lack of sleep deprivation, but even though we understand that lack of sleep is bad for us, do we fully understand how it impacts our body? Many are surprised about some of the side effects lack of sleep can cause. 

Consequences of Lack of Sleep 

  • Your immune system won't be able to fully build up its strength for the following day, therefore, increase possibility of illness. 
  • Health problems that can arise: stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. 
  • Increase levels of cortisol, which increases stress. 
  • More likely to store fat.

These side effects are scary to think about, so the question becomes, how can these be prevented? It's as simple as getting the amount of sleep you properly need. According to recent studies, it's recommended that adults, from eighteen to twenty-five years old, should get between seven to nine hours of sleep, a night. From the age twenty-six to sixty-four, they should also receive seven to nine hours of sleep, a night. Anyone older than sixty-five, should get about seven to eight hours of sleep, a night.    

For many young adults, this seems impossible to achieve with school, work, and family going on at the same time; however, if achieved, the amount of benefits received, will be astounding. Self care is crucial to being the best person you can be. 

The Benefits of Sleep 

  • Improved memory. Does it feel like you seem to forget where you put an item or an important document? Getting more sleep, helps improve your memory. As you're sleeping, your mind is actually storing away all the information absorbed throughout the day, so it needs time to process and properly store the information into your long-term memory.  
  • Increase creativity. Is your personality more on the artistic side? Sometimes, do you draw a blank when going to write or paint something new? More sleep, increases your creative ability, since while the brain is processing information, the emotional part of your memory is strengthened. 
  • Better grades. Are you studying constantly, for hours at a time, and using different study techniques, but the results aren't coming out to what they should be? Lack of sleep, decreases your memory, since your brain will not have enough time to store all new information into your long-term memory. When learning a new topic or studying for a test, a good nights rest, will allow you to remember more of the material. 
  • Not feel depressed. If you're someone who's been clinically diagnosed with depression, symptoms can become more severe if there is a lack of sleep. Even if you weren't diagnosed with depression, the chances of experiencing the symptoms are highly likely. Moodiness, anxiety, and emotional instability occur when not receiving enough sleep.   

Since sleep is clearly important to your body's equilibrium, and health, having a comfortable bed is just as important. An uncomfortable mattress, will lead you to tossing and turning for an endless amount of time. It's critical to find one that will work best for you, and allow you to get the sleep you deserve. For further information, please feel free to contact us.  



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