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Having Trouble Falling Asleep Due to Excessive Heat? 3 Ways to Cool Down to Improve Sleep Health

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Food, water, and sleep are the things we need as humans to survive. You can get away with tap water and mediocre-quality food, but poor sleep can really throw a wrench into your daily life. If you know that the problem is getting overheated to the point that you cannot fall asleep in a timely manner, you are at least one step closer to finding a solution. Turning on the air conditioning system full blast is not an economical answer, so you need to figure out other ways that you can improve your sleep health.

Get a Cooling Mattress Pad

Memory foam mattresses may be comfortable, but they are also quite warming. So, it is best to invest in a mattress pad that will keep you cool, such as one made of a bamboo blend. Another option is to get a memory foam gel topper, which should provide you with just as much comfort as a memory foam bed.

Pick the Right Sheets

The sheets that you use to sleep at night can have an impact on how well you sleep. Jersey cotton and sateen are two materials that you should look for when shopping for new sheets. They prevent your body warmth from getting trapped under the covers, which is what leads to sweating and extreme warmth.

Run a Fan in Your Direction

If you have a floor fan, you should use it by pointing it in the direction that you sleep. It may not change the temperature of the room, but moving air naturally feels cooler than air that has stagnated. Getting a strong fan or even an air circulator will only increase how nice the air feels in the room.

Sleep health is important for your happiness, productivity, and long-term well-being.

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