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For ADHD Sufferers, Sleep and Achievement are Two Sides of the Same Coin

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Children suffering with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) work harder than other kids to pay attention in the classroom and curb impulse behaviors. But youngsters with the condition grow up to become adults with ADHD, and studies prove that the relationship between sleep and achievement abilities is a close one.

Increased Sleep Movements Result in Daytime Tiredness

Researchers evaluated studies of children with the condition and their sleep behaviors as well as resulting daytime alertness. The experts discovered that ADHD sufferers have more movements during their sleep stages than controls. Not surprisingly, these children present with more daytime sleepiness than the youngsters in the control groups. When the children grow up to become adults, they still suffer from similar sleep patterns. While young students have trouble in school because of daytime tiredness, adults face professional challenges.

Achieving a Reversal of ADHD Symptoms with Better Sleep?

Another study published in the Journal of Sleep Research echoes the relationship between ADHD symptoms and poor sleep, but goes a step further. Arguing that sleep-related difficulties can cause involuntary daytime naps and inattention, could it be possible to counteract these symptoms with better sleep? For adults experiencing the condition, a focus on achieving quality sleep patterns could therefore be instrumental for workplace success.

Getting Rest the Rest You Need

If sleep and achievement are inseparable in your life because of ADHD, there are tools that can help. For example, selecting the right mattress based on your body type has the potential to make the difference between enjoying a more restful sleep and continuing uncomfortable rest patterns. Pair this technology with white noise and guided meditation. Contact us today for more information on finding a mattress that is right for you.




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