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Can Better Sleep Lead to Better Grades?

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You could probably take a poll of a room full of college graduates and find that almost every one of them pulled at least one all-nighter writing a paper at some point in their college career. Maybe one all-nighter isn't going to make or break you as a student. But horrible sleep habits that are rampant on college campuses and even so common in high school do affect students for the worse. This blog takes a look at how sleep and achievement are connected when it comes to students.

In a recent article by the University of Michigan, college students today are the least rested population so far. They stay up one to two hours later than previous generations and 75% report not getting enough rest more than five days a week. This isn't just bad study habits. This is a coming from a culture that doesn't value sleep as being important for health. 

But how exactly does sleep affect the health of a college student? To start, when we sleep, that is when our brain stores memory. Although it might seem counterintuitive, if you stay up all night cramming for a mid-term, you may not do as well as someone who studies until midnight and then gets seven hours of sleep. So much of college is memorizing facts, equations, theories, dates, etc. Getting good sleep on a regular basis will help with that.

Aside from this, sleep helps students overall health in many ways. Sleep helps curb inflammation in the heart and throughout the body systems, encourages creativity, boosts athletic performance, sharpens your attention, and helps you maintain a healthy body weight—all according to an article

It goes without saying that sleep is important to health but these are just a few reasons why it is especially important for students. For more information on sleep and achievement, contact us today at the Mattress Store at Kensington. 


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