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Alone or Together : Sleep Culture and Married Couples

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While most sleep studies focus on the habits of individuals, researchers now give more attention to the behavior of couples. It is often assumed that most married couples sleep in the same bed at the same time. New studies on this aspect of sleep culture shows that spouses have a variety of sleep patterns and no one approach is best for all couples.

According to Bruce Feiler of The New York Times sixty percent of people sleep with someone else. He notes that studies show people sleep better when they are alone, but feel more satisfied after sleeping with another person. A study published in July 2016 by The Journal of Family Psychology reinforced these ideas. Participants who sleep with a spouse slept longer and felt better about negative interactions with their significant other. Rather than the number of hours slept, this may indicate that the quality of sleep is better and it allows couples to handle things more easily.

Though, as much as we love to cuddle with our other half, insomnia, snoring and other sleep issues can cause trouble within a relationship. If your partner has health problems or is on a different sleep schedule, it could kill your rest. The decision to sleep apart from a spouse is often practical, not emotional.

Research from Toronto’s Ryerson University indicated that about 30 to 40 percent of couples sleep apart. This does not automatically mean a marriage is loveless. Many couples who do this are perfectly fine. Couples who have diverging sleep schedules or who sleep apart often find time to connect in other ways. You can always meet any place you want for cuddle time.

Whether you prefer to sleep alone or with a spouse, a comfortable bed is essential to good a good night's rest. Contact us for more details.


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