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Achievement Starts With a Good Night's Sleep

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A business executive once bragged that he only needed three hours of sleep each day. His associates grimaced until the executive added, "But I also need another eight hours every night."

According to a Harvard Study on Sleep, it is common knowledge that sleep affects our body's health, and "lack of sleep exacts a toll on perception and judgment. In the workplace, its effects can be seen in reduced efficiency and productivity, errors, and accidents." 

Fortunately, the converse of this is also true.  According to author Tina Williamson, "People who get enough sleep are successful, focused and happy." High achievers have found the secret, and the secret is getting enough sleep. 

So what does a good night's sleep do for us, anyway? "Sleep is a time that allows us to relax, but it's also a time during which the body is hard at work repairing damage caused by stress, ultraviolet rays, and other harmful exposure," advises Dr. Mark Stibich

There are a multitude of studies that show that Sleep and Achievement parallel a healthy lifestyle, and more and more, scientists are seeing a restful night's sleep as the cornerstone of healthy living. Benefits of a good night's sleep include an even temperament, ability to deal with stressful situations, improved focus, and physical stamina, all of which are characteristics of those who achieve both at home and in the workplace.

If you want to achieve, ensuring a good night's sleep is on your priority list. Not sure if you're getting enough sleep? If you fall asleep when driving or need caffeine to get through the day, you may need to spend a few more hours getting restorative sleep each night. 

We all want to do and be our best. If you'd like more information on how to ensure you're getting the sleep you need to achieve and meet your goals, contact us.

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